A: Perhaps, Wallscafe is the only online website, that helps you to personalize your mural. This is a special service, which involves professional designers and digital artists. Hence, there will be additional charges. Your requirement of personalization is subject to the approval of the digital artist.

A: We accept the order from 24 Sq.ft. However, there is a minimum cover charge, which is equivalent to the cost of 32 Sq.ft.

A.   Producing a customized mural is an advanced technical process. However, on very rare occasions mistakes are possible. This is in spite of checking them for their accuracy by our packing and dispatch team. To avoid any such disappointment to you, Wallscafe will arrange for free replacement on your following actions.

1. Take the picture of the defect area and send to us by WhatsApp to helpline number or Email to customer@wallscafe.com

2. Arrange for a conference call with inclusion of the installer in the call. If possible.

3. Return the consignment to us with freight paid. The freight charges will be reimbursed and credited to your bank account against presentation of the freight paid voucher.

A: In our sincere effort to avoid any disappointment to you of any sort, we strongly suggest you to opt for tamper-proof international canister packing at a small cost. Nevertheless, you receive the consignment in a visibly damaged condition, please ask the shipper to give the open delivery of your consignment. In case, your mural is damaged inside, please mention the damage on the shipper’s voucher and obtain the signature of delivery staff and take a picture of the signed voucher, the damaged area of the pack and the mural. Send the same to us for a free replacement. Please note. The free replacement will be initiated only after receiving the damaged consignment with return freight charges paid by you. The freight charge will be reimbursed and credited to your bank account against presentation of the freight paid voucher.

A: The back of the base material is technically designed with strippable properties. Therefore, it can be stripped and reinstalled. However, its effectiveness is subject to wall surface conditions. Hence, this action is not covered under warranty.

A: Delivery at your door may range between four days to ten days, depending upon the location delivery point. However, the shipment details, consignment number etc, will be sent to your Email id. Therefore, you can track the consignment on the shipper’s website.

A: Follow instructions given in the link “Guide to measure the wall” in the footer section of the website.

A: The price of the mural by Wallscafe is inclusive of the cost of the high resolution legal and licensed images, European non-woven media, processing, printing, packing, shipping, administrative expenses, all taxes and levies.

Exclusive is the cost of royalty, tamper-proof international canister pack, and installer’s charges.

A: Wallscafe uses best in class base material from Europe and printing technology from Hewlett Packard USA. Hence, the product matches the highest international quality.

Mural by Wallcafe is installed on the drywall and with no seepages or dampness at present or on a later date, the mural by Wallcafe should last between 15 to 20 years in indoor use with good care.

A: The warranty is for one year against the faulty installation and five years warranty on the mural installed indoor on dry wall and not exposed to sunlight. Customer can claim for free replacement is case of printing defects, transit damage, wrong dimensions, mis-match between the ordered and received. In the case of faulty installation, the customer has to pay the cost of conveyance to the installer, who visits your site for rectification.

A: Our customer support team will strive hard to address the disputes to your satisfaction. In the case of legal disputes, they are subject to Hyderabad judicial jurisdiction.