Our professional installers will be deputed to install your mural at your site. You will receive their particulars, well before the material arrives at you. Installation charges are @ Rs.15.00 per square foot or Rs.1000.00 per mural, whichever is higher is applicable. The charge is inclusive of the cost of installation, adhesive, tools, etc and the same is payable to the installer at the end of the installation.

The customer pays for the installer’s traveling charges and outstation allowances if the site of installation is outside the city limits or in another town. In such cases, the following additional charges will apply. However, the installation charges will remain the same as mentioned above.


  •  Actual both ways of traveling fare by bus or train. In the case of the use of own vehicle, Rs. 2.50/Kilo Meter traveled for the purpose.


  •  Out of city or outstation allowance of Rs.250.00 and Rs.500.00 for half-day and full-day, respectively.


Please note. Installation service is available only to the customers in the Indian territory and at the designated PIN codes. However, the international customers to make their arrangement for installation of their mural by Wallscafe.